The History of the Hillsborough Pentecostal Holiness Church

Mrs. Lillie Hester and Mrs. Martha Spoon attended a tent revival, where they received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and began to speak in Tongues. They were unwelcome in their present church, so they began to meet and pray in each other’s homes. The Hillsboro Pentecostal Holiness Church was organized in 1909. It was listed in the 10th Annual Convention, on November 23, 1909. Early members were Mrs. Primmie Riley, Mrs. Hattie Thompson (Mrs. Leona Hester’s Mother), Mr. Willie & Betty Andrews, Mr. & Mrs. Sheppie Andrews, along with Mrs. Hester and Mrs. Spoon. The first revivals were held by R. B. Jackson & A. Garfield Canada that same year. A reed pump organ purchased for music before they owned their first building. In the early days the church shared a circuit preacher, and assistant, that came in by train. Some of the early preachers were J. H. Capps, T. R. Howard, A. G. Canada, N. B. Strickland, J. G. Kimrey, and H. W. King.

Its first building located in a small wood framed building on North Bellevue Avenue near Brownsville Street. They occupied the building as soon as the hull was finished. They used planks placed on sawhorses for benches. After the building was finished, the church grew and soon there was no room, and the people stood outside to hear the gospel preached. Water was drawn from a well outside the church.

Property for the present location was purchased from D. M. & Annie Pender, and building a second church began being built in June, 1923. It was a large white frame structure built on the present site. Trustees then were W. J. Andrews, R. S. Andrews, and Thomas Rice. It had a pot bellied stove for heat and a black upright piano. Sister Lillie Hester played the piano and cleaned the church during her lifetime. In 1942 the church membership was 41, average attendance in Sunday School was 55, with a Sunday School membership of 90. That same year 7 people were saved, and 5 were sanctified. The church’s value was $3,000.00.

On Sunday, March 7th, 1948 shortly after noon a fire of undetermined origin, though some think it was be started by the new heating plant, burned the 1923 building to the ground. A church member said that the church had a small amount of insurance on the building. Rev. Dewey Earles began to receive money from members, and friends in the street the day it happened. Albright Construction of Burlington built the present brick church. Four families placed mortgages on their homes to back the construction. The men of the church latter installed the bathrooms and sidewalks. For New Years 1950, Pastor Frazier invited the Church’s Board for “Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings.” In attendance were Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dickey, Mr. & Mrs. John A. Terrell and family, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Dickey, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Johnson and family; also invited was Mr. John Thompson the oldest surviving member of the church. At that time Miss. Dorothy Cole was the president of the Girl’s Club, and all members were present on there meeting on January 6th, 1950 at four o’clock.

After many years of renting homes in different parts of West Hillsborough, the church purchased property for a parsonage on December 7, 1968 from Murphy and Fannie Sykes, with the help of Ann Towell. The Parsonage, at 121 Barracks Road was built, and was finished in 1973 while David E. Robertson, and then latter Joe Beck were pastors. Some of the materials were donated, and volunteers help build parts of it.

The Victory House, the white frame house beside the church, was purchased on August 20, 1981 from John H. & Beverly Tromsness, while Rick Haug was pastor, and Bob Bateman, Ann Towell, and John Terrell were Trustees. It is used as an educational building, and Fellowship Hall.

Our Pastors *
W. B. Creech
J. H. Puckett
J. Elmo Hopkins 1938-1943
Don S. Whitfield 1944-1945
Dewey C. Earles 1946-1948
Robert Clarence Frazier 1949
John Terrell 1954
E. L. Kirk 1955
J. Coyte Riley 1958-1961
Blonnie Johnson Hall & Miss Marie Houser 1962-1965
George R. Harper 1966-1969
David E. Robertson 1970-1972
Joe M. Beck 1972-1973
Ronald Carpenter 1973-1975
Byron F. Jones 1975-1977
Richard “Rick” Haug 1978-1981
Aubrey Johnson 1982-1985
Michael S. Ainsworth 1986
Ozie Montgomery 1987-1994
Ira Douglas 1994
E. Mark Roberson 1995-1999
John B. Gaither 1999-Present

* Years are approximate according to the Conference Directories